Presidency puts on hold appointment of PRM activist as vice consul in Barcelona


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Feb 20, 2019

The Presidency announced the “provisional suspension” of appointing former Youth Minister Luz del Alba Jimenez as vice consul in Barcelona. She had been appointed by Presidential Decree 53-23 issued on 14 February 2023. Decree 87-23 issued on 9 March 2023 carries the provisional suspension.

Homero Figueroa, who is the director of Strategy and Communication for the Presidency, made the announcement on Twitter. “President Luis Abinader, in response to a request made by the DIGEIGRD [Ethics and Government Integrity Agency] ordered the provisional suspension of Mrs. Luz del Alba Jimenez Ramirez as vice consul at the Dominican consulate in Barcelona.

Former Vice President Milagros Ortiz Bosch, director of DIGEIGRD, stated that she could not question the capacity of the President to name persons but did not like the appointment. Her remark came after the appointment was...

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