Presidency to disburse RD$1.26 billion to political parties this year


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Feb 20, 2019

The Presidency acquiesced and will be handing over the full allotment ordered by the Political Parties Law to political parties. The government had announced it would cut the allotment from RD$1.265 billion to RD$639 million. The savings would go to build a branch for the state university (UASD) in eastern Santo Domingo. Yet this was not accepted by the Central Electoral Board (JCE) nor opposition and government legislators that called for the government to adhere to the Political Parties Law stipulation for funding political parties.

The Abinader government had argued this is not an electoral year and savings would have better use for education. The reduction had been approved in the 2021 Budget, even when it violates the Political Parties law stipulation. There are many laws that order allotments of budget that are not complied with by the present or past governments.


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