President Abinader in Samana


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Feb 20, 2019

President Luis Abinader traveled to Samana on Monday for meetings with the community. On Monday he was present for the inauguration of the Las Terrenas wastewater plant.

He overnighted on Monday in Samana to continue the meetings with business, community and government representatives. On Monday, he asked the people of Samana to present a comprehensive plan with their needs.

President Abinader was also present to announce the start of construction of a 5.8 km road to connect the El Limón road to Morón and Punta Lanza beaches (Limón-Playa Morón and Ramal-Punta Lanza). Right now, the beaches are only accessible by dirt trails. The road is estimated to cost RD$121 million. A RD$10 million bridge will be built in El Limón.

President Abinader also stopped at the Pablo Antonio Paulino Municipal Hospital. Dr. Plutarco Arias said it would take another...
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