President assumes commitment to clean up Ozama and Isabela Rivers


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Feb 20, 2019

President Luis Abinader committed to continue with past government works to clean the waters of the Ozama and Isabela Rivers that border Greater Santo Domingo. He committed to continuing the relocation of the families that live on the rivers’ banks and its tributaries. The work had been begun in the previous Medina administration.

Abinader toured up and down the river for around two hours to see the level of pollution and the conditions along the river. Traveling with him was Minister of the Presidency Lisandro Macarrulla, who chairs the presidential commission for the rehabilitation, sanitation and sustainable use of the Ozama and Isabela river basin. This commission is in charge of the Ozama-Isabela River Basin works.

Also on the tour with the President were Environment Minister Orlando Jorge Mera; the director of the Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewerage...

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