President Danilo Medina inaugurates La Zurza wastewater treatment plant


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Feb 20, 2019

One of the most important environmental projects in Dominican history was inaugurated on 14 July 2020 by President Danilo Medina. The Santo Domingo Water and Sewage Corporation (CAASD), under Alejandro Montás, commissioned the construction.

The Mirador Norte-La Zurza wastewaster treatment plant was built to serve around 500,000 residents in the Greater Santo Domingo. It will benefit the inhabitants in 37 sectors of the National District and the province of Santo Domingo.

The wastewater treatment plant is the largest ever built in the Caribbean. It is a turnkey project that will improve both the quality of life of Dominicans and the zone’s environment by reducing pollution of the Ozama and Isabela rivers and the Caribbean Sea, situated one kilometer away from the plant’s outlet. The plant has a capacity of 27 million gal/sec of treated water...
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Sep 30, 2019
this. this is good stuff, the largest waste water treatment plant in the Caribbean. well worth the investment in my view, but i have a soft spot for big infrastructure projects. thankfully the Chinese gov didn't have a hand in it. good job RD.