President of the Chamber of Accounts continues to defend his efforts for transparency; denies insulting women members


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Feb 20, 2019

The president of the Chamber of Accounts, Janel Ramírez, denied on 6 June 2023 that he had insulted the female members in the plenary of the entity, as Tomasina Tolentino, secretary of the auditing body claimed when sitting for questioning by the Chamber of Deputies. The Chamber of Deputies is reviewing the actions of the five members of the Chamber of Accounts to decide whether or not to remove these after Ramirez complained of an impasse at the entity and that he was impeded to carry out his role by three dissenting members.

Ramirez pointed out that this is one of the reasons why he demands the release of the minutes of the plenary sessions of the Chamber of Accounts, which were illegally sealed by the previous president and which the current one has not yet been declassified. Ramirez has advocated for complete transparency in the acting of the members.

He assured...

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