Private schools -Sabana Perdida???


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Feb 24, 2005
I help out a couple kids from Sabana Perdida area. They are both 15 years old and one is in Grade 9 while the other is still in Grade 6. The one in Grade 6 has suffered bad malnutricion which I am sure has contributed to his lack of success at school. He looks like he is 10. At this point he needs remedial help.

They both attend public schools which tend not to be very good.

Do you know of any private schools in the Savana Perdida - Sabana centro area ? Address and Contact phone numbers?



May 28, 2003
Private Schools

I have done some research on the net and here are some links I have found.

I am also looking for a private school to help 2 kids out. So far all the schools I found are a bit more then I can afford ($4k to $5k a year). The following school has some good reviews but is on the north coast:

Does anyone know of a similar school in Santo Domingo? I would like to keep the cost at about $100 month per kid. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Is there after school tutoring that I can pay for that will supplement their public school education.

Thanks in Advance