Private Schools


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Mar 28, 2023
Hola DR1'ers, My husband and I oversee a new foundation in Camu, outside of POP. It is a home for vulnerable girls. Currently, we have one girl, aged seven, and are sending her (afternoons only) to the public school in town. As an educator, I am saddened by the number of missed days and the overcrowding. I have been reading about the different private schools in POP, and would love the input of people (especially Dominicans) who can give us more info. Suley is learning English here at the house (as she perfects my Spanish), and so I am not super committed to the school being solely English-speaking. She needs robust work in math and, actually, Spanish. We work with her in a "homeschooling" situation on math and Spanish (she doesn't know how to read yet) in the mornings, but I don't think this will continue to be a feasible option when we have more girls. Thanks very much, Julie