Privatizing Omsa? Omsa director doesn’t think it is a good idea


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Feb 20, 2019

The newly appointed director of the government bus company, Omsa, Radhamés González disagrees with the government bus entity being funded under the Public-Private Partnership Law 47-20. Sigmund Freund Mena, the director of the PPP Agency had recently said the Omsa was on the list of state entities that would benefit from the new law.

González acknowledged that the Mobility, Land Transportation, Transit and Road Safety Law 63-17 provides for mixed capital participation. However, he considers that at this time it is not convenient for the country. He said the transport sector is very vulnerable and could be at risk if the private companies decide to strike. He said that during past strikes of the privatized collective bus service, the government has filled the void somewhat because of the large fleet of OMSA buses.

“To make the public-private partnership possible, which also...
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