Procurement Agency to look into possible irregularities in Ministry of Foreign Relations purchases


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Feb 20, 2019
The Procurement Agency says it is analyzing the complaint by José Martínez Brito, who claims that a company allegedly owned by a nephew of Foreign Minister Roberto Álvarez, has been irregularly favored by catering contracts at the ministry since August.

In a video published in social networks, Martinez Brito stated that Roberto Alvarez was named minister, no one else has won a bid for catering or events at the ministry.

“In the end, Mr. President, I just want to tell you that the expectations for your government are very high. People are hopeful that through you we will get the real change we yearn for. I know this takes time, but let’s not let a small problem become a big problem by not paying attention to it,” said the communicator, who urged the government to look into the possible irregularities in purchasing.

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