Property Sale


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May 18, 2002
I am selling a condo, however I am currently in the US. I will be giving the power of attorney to a friend to complete the sale. We are going to the DR consul tommorrow to give her power of attorney. She is someone we trust beacause she has overseen our affairs in the DR for years. My question concerns receiving the proceeds. I do have an account in the DR in US, however I would prefer to have the funds wired to my account in the US. They are telling me if I want a bank check I will have to pay for it, not the buyer. I remember having that issue before when I requested a check at the bank. Do you know if I ok a bank check and wire to the US what will it cost?Someone told me they would have to wire in 10k increments. Any advise will be appreciated. The rush is because we have a buyer and will not be returning until April. Si strike when the iron is hot.