Prosecution submits charges against Venezuelan accused in hit and run accident


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Feb 20, 2019

National District prosecutors Minerva Batista and Carmen Espinal Geo have deposited a recourse that accuses 27-year old Venezuelan Skarle Valentina Mujica Zapata of involuntary murder of 33-year old Julio César de la Rosa Peralta on the western side of the Malecon due to fearless or careless driving. She is also accused of evading her responsibility as a driver in the case of an accident. The hearing is set for Thursday, 20 June 2024.

The prosecutors are requesting preventive custody arguing the woman is a foreigner and could flee the country to avoid prosecution.

The woman is under arrest at the Casa del Conductor.

Mujica Zapata does not have legal status in the Dominican Republic and her Venezuelan passport has been expired for two years, as reported. She has a Venezuelan driver’s license. She did not report the accident to the authorities at...

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