Prosecutor mulls Quirino Paulino?s RD$100M offer for dropping charges


Oct 1, 2004
New Ulm, TX
From Dominican Today

SANTO DOMINGO. - "The National District Public prosecutor studies a proposal by ex-Army captain Quirino Paulino, who offered the Dominican State RD$100 million if the Justice Ministry drops the charges against him and his relatives in the country.

Jose Manuel Hernandez, quoted by the newspaper Listin Diario yesterday, said Paulino?s lawyers deposited the letter and that he studies the proposal together with other prosecutors in the case to determine if it?s legally feasible. He refused to comment on the contents, alleging that they must first study it.

Hernandez said Justice minister Radham?s Jim?nez had yet to read the letter and clarified the case is a judicial issue in which only the Justice Ministry can adopt a decision

According to the letter, the ex-Army officer is willing to let the authorities keep 100 million pesos in assets that have been seized from him in the country, in exchange for stopping the prosecution against him and his relatives.

Paulino is being held in a jail maximum security facility in New York, after he was extradited to the United States, to face drug trafficking and money laundering charges. He was arrested in the country December 18, 2004, with 1,387 kilos of cocaine."

What a novel way to beat a drug charge. They will probably accept the offer.


Tropical geek in Las Terrenas
Jan 1, 2002
-so now you can officially buy your way out of justice ?


Apr 11, 2004
He might buy his way out in the DR, but he will get close to a life sentence in the US.