Prosecutors ask for four more months to prepare Coral corruption case


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Feb 20, 2019

The Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for the Prosecution of Administrative Corruption (Pepca) requested the First Court of Instruction of the National District extend the preparation period for the presenting of the formal accusation against those in preventive custody in the so-called Coral Case. The Coral case involves the former security chief of former President Danilo Medina, Adán Cáceres, Pastor Rossy Guzmán and other persons who are accused of illicit enrichment among other crimes.

The request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office establishes that as the investigations advanced the case has become more complex and that is the reason for the request for four more months of preparation time.

The first accused, in addition to Cáceres and Guzmán, are police corporal Tanner Antonio Flete Guzmán, police colonel Rafael Núñez de Aza, and Navy sergeant...

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