Protocol signed to open a channel to export Dominican avocados to China


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Feb 20, 2019

Out-going Agriculture Minister Osmar Benítez signed a phytosanitary protocol for the export of Dominican Hass variety avocados to China. People’s Republic of China Ambassador Zhang Run signed the agreement for China.

For years, environmentalists have protested that persons with political influence have been planting Hass variety avocados in the protected areas of Bahoruco National Park. These have been frequently denounced, but the incumbent Environment Minister Angel Estévez has maintained that under his management, a single tree would not be downed. The minister has repeatedly stated that trees are trees and these cannot be bad for the environment. Environmentalists, nevertheless, say that the production of these avocados affects the primary southwestern water source, the Pedernales River.

In the signing, Agriculture Minister focused on avocado...
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