Public Health Minister hopeful Covid-19 will be kept under control despite easing of restrictions


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Feb 20, 2019

During the press briefing on 21 May 2020, Public Health Minister Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas confirmed the test positivity rate has been Declining in the Dominican Republic. There have been 61,330 PCR diagnostic tests carried out and 13,657 confirmed cases, or an overall 22.26% test-positivity rate. This means nearly one in five people who get tested for the coronavirus in the Dominican Republic is found to have it. Earlier the ratio had been one in four. Since last week, more PCR tests are being carried out.The test-positivity rate is described as that used to track the spread of the disease when most people aren’t able to get tested.

According to Coronavirus Bulletin #63 of the Ministry of Public Health’s Department of Epidemiology, the Dominican Republic has 13,657 confirmed cases, 180 new confirmed cases and 448 deaths, including 2 new deaths. 2,066 patients are...
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