Public schools to start 21 September 2022


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Feb 20, 2019

Education Minister Angel Hernandez says that President Luis Abinader will be present for the symbolic start of school on Wednesday, 21 September 2022 at the Cosme Manuel Jiménez High School in La Javilla, La Victoria, Santo Domingo province.

The Ministry of Education had confirmed the start of the 2022-2023 school year was on schedule for Wednesday, 21 September 2022 where conditions permit. Minister Angel Hernandez says that 21 schools housing 462 storm evacuees will not reopen because they are being used to house persons evacuated due to Hurricane Fiona. These school-shelters are mostly located in eastern provinces.

Hernandez says for the children to start classes, the families need to wait for the emergency organizations to relocate the people.

Some of the worst off provinces are Hato Mayor with 96 evacuees in four schools, Samana with 87 evacuees in six schools, and Maria...

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