Puerto Plata en Mayo


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Feb 11, 2002

I am planning a trip to Puerto Plata in May of this year and I have many questions -

There will be 3 of us renting a house in what I am told the area between Sosua and Cabarete. How safe is this area?

I am from Santiago but have not been to my country in almost 20 years. I am dying to go but worry about spending and arranging travel.

I understand things are still very cheap and that the North coast is very touristy - - what is your take?

Also - what is the deal with super expensive flights?!



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Jan 2, 1999
May is a great month to be in the DR. It is not hot yet, and you should be able to get good rates as this is low season time. Go to the index page for this travel section (click on travel button at the top of this page) and check out the Puerto Plata, Sosua, Cabarete and Playa Grande sections in the sidebar of the page to the left. Lots of ideas for places to visit. You must rent a car so that you can tour this area as there are lots of places to visit. Just take normal precautions -- for instance, do not leave your belongings a la vista in the car, and do not wear flashy jewelry, nor show you have lots of cash on you and you will have a great vacation.


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Jan 1, 2002

I am moving from Sosua to somewhere just between Sosua and Cabarete March 01. Safe as safe can be, I suppose, just don't do anything you wouldn't do back home. Bars/security guard is a bonus.

Bring a rain jacket for May ;)

If you shop at tourist places, you will pay more, but if you head into Charamicos or Puerto Plata you can shop as a local. Especially if you are a dominicana...The north coast is based on tourism, but there is a lot of local flavor also, depending on where you go.