Puerto Plata Golf Course Condition


Oct 1, 2004
New Ulm, TX
Many sites rave about the millions of dollars that have been spent on the Playa Dorado Golf Course improvements during 2005. Have improvements been made and are the fairways now not muddy to the extent that they may be mowed during this rainy season?


Jan 23, 2002
Most people are playing lift-clean-and-place and the carts are staying on the paths.
There are some soggy areas but the grass is short enough.

I have no idea what they spent millions of dollars on.

As much as I enjoy playing the course, it is way too expensive for what it is.
Greens fee $75, clubs $25, caddie with tip 1000P, plus taxes it is around $150US a round without a cart.
Plus drinks, it is an expensive round indeed.
They should at least have a reduced rate during the week when the course is empty.

Jim Driscoll

New member
Jan 4, 2002
I chatted with a friend of mine from Puerto Plata, yesterday. He told me that the golf course is in the worst condition that he has ever seen it. The greens have lost most of their grass and course management has not figured out a way to restore the grass.

I have been playing the course for the past 16-years (daily during a ten day stay.) With the condition of the course and the current price of play I am considering leaving my clubs at home during my next trip.

My friend indicated that the cost of golf at this time is about $111.00 US and that does not include a caddy. By the time I pay a caddy + tip I am looking at $150+ for a round of golf on a course that does not come close to the condition of the worse muni courses in the US.

I also was told that the new course owners spent 2,000,000 DR$ to fancy up the outside of the club house, while not spending one peso on the course.

I personally am disappointed in the new course owners approach and I am not hesitating to tell all of my friends about the condition of the course.

It is a shame that the new owners have messed up a good thing. Seems like they are on a bent to destroy golf in Puerto Plata.

That's my opinion, but I may be wrong!


Jan 1, 2002
All the more reason for you guys to get in touch with me and play here in Santiago.

I have been hearing asful tings about the course in POP and while I am very sorry to hear this, it is also true that evry week there are a group of folks coming down from POP to play our beautiful course. Not kidding. We have not spent millions but we have put in a lot of cart paths, got the greens in pretty good shape and lots of grass on the fairways, especially with the bountiful rains we have had this year.

So...take up my invite, you'll save some money, play a round to remember and have a good day....guaranteed!!

Green fee: RD$800
Cart: RD$400
Caddie: RD$400 + tip
Beer: cold and cheap!

People: Nice and friendly.



Jan 1, 2002
Everything that HB says PLUS you can have a warm up of 50 balls on the driving range without having o take out a second mortgage! There is NO way I will play at Playa Dorada under the present management unless it is my FREE game with FedoGolf membership! And I live just 5 minutes drive from the course!!

Until I can afford a week away playing courses on the south & east coast with a certain gentleman from Santiago, Jarabacoa & Saniago are the courses I will play at! ~ GWB.