Punta Cana - Looking for detailed map or GPS info


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Jul 6, 2005
My family and I will be traveling to Punta Cana in a day (great timing withthe weather and all) for a weeks stay at the Caribe Club Princess. I am trying to get some GPS info including map coordinates for the hotel and landmarks in the area. If anyone has waypoints or tracks from a trip that they'd care to share I would be eternally grateful! Here is the place we're booked into:

Please send me a message if you can help!

Punta Cana Princess All Suites Resort and Spa
Playas de B?varo
Dominican Republic



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hi Robert,
ole thread?
if you guys want exact GPS coordinates to the often not so exact maps circulating about the island mix 'em with Google Earth.
spot the area you are looking for on a simple turist map and than search for that area on google earth, it always pops up with the accurate GPS coordinates.
can be combined with the info of the weather satellites, so you can watch the actually present cloud formations/rain aso for the specific area.
have fun


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Feb 11, 2009
skeletons in the closet??

Funny thing Mike....I asked the same question twice and it got deleated twice...hahaha
The OP was going to be in PC for a week 3 years ago, I'll bet he missed em...