purebred dog wanted


Jan 1, 2002
Look in the Classifieds

The Listin Diario has a good classified section for pets. The first page has several places that advertize pure breds.

If you network a bit you can probably get one for free. A good "Viralata Excelsus" --Dominican mixed (that's one hell of an understatement!) breeds are excellend dogs for watching and taking care ofchildren. You can pick one up for pennies by the Monument in Santiago.


Camden Tom

Dec 1, 2002
Hey Hillbilly, was the last word of the first sentence intentional or was it Freudian.

Never mind, I see you fixed it.


New member
Jan 2, 2002
For myself I prefer what is known as the Dominican Purebred. It is a fine breed of dog that you can find openly, especially in the market areas. Never mind that you have the upper body of a doberman and the legs of a chihuahua. These are fine dogs. Dogs you will not find anywhere else in the world to the extent of these ones.

Of course if you would like a cheap "real " purebred come to Costambar around April when all the foreigners who thought they would love living here decided they didn't and had no where to get rid of their animals so they drop them on the beach. You can pick one up no problem.

Andy B

Jan 1, 2002

We've had two mixed-breed dogs at our hotel for the past 5 years and we couldn't have asked for better guardians. We got them when they were barely a month old and Tom and Jerry are a mix of Alsacian (Sp?) shephard and Dominican whatever. They have kept us and our guests safe and in fact put two robbers off the hotel grounds several years ago. The last I saw of the two guys was them going over the back fence with a dog hanging on one's butt! I'll bet he couldn't sit for a while. They never came back and in fact got in a gun battle with police a week later near Rincon where one was killed. My point: even though these guys were evidently armed, they got the hell off the hotel grounds when the dogs went after them. The locals won't come on the grounds at ANY time unless we assure them the dogs are tied up.
Those of you that have visited with us know these dogs aren't viscious, but are in fact, quite friendly except to someone who doesn't belong on the property. They have a way of sensing this and rarely have ever bothered a hotel guest.
And a sad postscript to this: last week Tom was poisoned by a rat treated with tres pacitos from the rental house next door. The rat came over and into the restaurant where Tom was tied during the night and Tom killed and ate it. Tom died this past Saturday night despite a week of intense treatment by Dr. Enrique Cortes, the new vet in Las Terrenas. Those of you who live on the Samana peninsula might want to make a note of him. He is one of the best vet's I've dealt with and even has a x-ray machine (the only one on the peninsula) at his well equipped facility. I know he did his best to save the dog including having a blood sample rushed to Santo Domingo for analysis.
Nicole and I really miss Tom-Tom.