Que voy acer?


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Aug 18, 2005
Hi DR1.
Ive bee living in the united states since the age of three. Originally born in the dominican republic i now look to relocate. My maine concern is jobs, Can i find a job that pays in dollars? and if so how hard is it to apply. Your help in this matter is greatfully appreciated. muchas gracias.


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Apr 17, 2004
Proper language use aside... I think the best advice has been given by Scandall. You want to make dollars (or decent pesos), start your own company and at the same time create job opportunities for some more dominicans. You have been living in the States I suppose you have saved some money.

If you are good at doing something (work related) start investigating what do you need to start a company on that. Or better, get a job on that here making few money just to learn how this market works.

I know several dominicans who has lil companies (few staff) and make good money. Of course, not all of them make dollars, but some of them do.

For example, we are a lil company (3 partners, 5 employees and a bunch of contractors and allies), we are the best on what we do -we love to think that, and even more to hear it-. We started "comiendonos un cable" (how do you say it in english???) We have today as customers, the biggest companies intalled here. We have diversified. Of course we still have to grow. I am planning a expansion.

My bottom line is you dont need 100,000 dollars to start a company here, you need good knowledge on something, a good eye to detect opportunities and good luck. If you dont have enough money look for partners. It is true you need to do networking, but I would recommend you to rely on a dominican partner to do that. I dont have patience, I am very straight on what I think and say and sometimes I give dominicans a hard time, specially on phone calls, for me 5 min on the phone in a business call is too much.

errr... ok, I will stop writing about I, me, myself and my company :cheeky: ... Just think about it.

Good luck