question for DR verizon users


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Sep 19, 2005
Tavina has always had Verizon as well and myself here in the states.

but for the last several months the service and connection quality has fallen off big time. One thing might be that I gave her my older motorola 710 phone after I upgraded. they connected it fine, but it wont recieve my text messages. My verizon phone tells me that her number is aland line! She has called Claro there and they assure her , everything is ok on her end. Now lately I cant get her voicemail to leave messages. I only get some recording saying the person isnt availbale and to call later... that happens more than 50% of the time now. But she has no issues locally among all those she calls there.

I am wondering if this is the result of claro going more with gsm service, with respect to tower improvements. One thing they told her at claro was her phone was activated originally in the US. but I dont see how that can be an issue if they gave her a number with that phone and connected there in the office right in front of me.

this girl is bad with phones and I hate the idea of buying ANOTHER one. between her and her brother, they broke 2 and 2 were stolen...I was with her when they were stolen. Actually she left them at stores and when we rushed one saw anything....

thanks for any insight..



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Sep 23, 2002
Hey Bob, you are definately not the only person having problems. I got a new phone too. That did NOT help! But at least now I get different "error" messages.

I am told - not verified - that they are putting major money into upgrading and meanwhile the old services are deteriorating. Almost half my placed calls do not go thru due to traffic on the network! I have no idea how many calls don't get thru to me. And I have a friend here - she texts me I don't get them. I text her, no problem. No rhyme or reason it seems.