Questions about US visa extension



Hi guys, I have a question I want to ask you guys.
My wife is in the process of renewing her 10 year US visitor's B1/B2 visa for the first time renewing it.

All of the on line questions have been answered and the photo accepted on line along with paying the proper fee.

An appointment has been scheduled at the VAC at Galleria 360 in Santo Domingo for fingerprinting and verifying her identity. I read there are no US Consular agents that interview people at this location, it is just a data entry point.

She has never spent more than three weeks at one time in the US and normally visited the US one time a year. So no overstays or issues should be present to block a renewal of this visa.

My question is this:

Will this require another visit for her to Santo Domingo for an interview at a later date in order for the decision to renew her visa is made in front of a consular agent?
Thank's a lot!