Quico Tabar blasts betting shops for tax evasion and not complying with rules; Alicia Ortega presents evidence of the national scourge


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Feb 20, 2019

The administrator of the National Lottery, Teófilo (Quico) Tabar again has spoken up to blast the owners of sport betting shops for resisting getting organized and paying taxes.

“Any person can tell that the sports betting sector is a sector in chaos that has allowed many of you to benefit and use this business to hide incompetencies and incongruities and to confuse and hide issues that the betting sector in general questions,” said Tabar, as reported in El Nuevo Diario.

The administrator of the National Lottery says that these people know well what they need to do to be legal businesses. For years, the government has offered facilities for the registration of the businesses that already have privileged tax schemes.

He said that members of Fenabanca have been participating in meetings with the authorities and specialists in negotiations. But he said that what they really...

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