Rapid PCR pre-test accepted on SDQ Aug 1st


Mar 7, 2004
Test: Centogene.com

Did a rapid PCR test on Frankfurt airport at 6:30.
Took 10 minutes, no waiting time.
Must be ordered online and prepaid (credit cards only).
Registration requires upload of a passport as image file.
Cost regular version within 6 to 8 hours result to be downloaded: 59 €.
Extra charge for passport check: 9 €.
appr. 134 € for result within 3 hours.

I got the result within 5 hours on Madrid airport, well ahead of check in time for flight Madrid - SDQ.

In SDQ, after leaving the plane, before immigiration, people with a negative test on paper or on smartphone do not need to do the new blood test.
The result on my phone was in form of a downloaded .pdf, that included full name and passport number in german language.
The guy only looked for the word "negativ" which took about 4 seconds.

That means any document would have been excepted, even a negativ pregnacy test with some random name found somewhere on the web.

All people are photographed with their face mask on (maybe this was a temperature test, but I think not).

Immigration was fast.
Fingerprints were taken again with same passport.

No custom baggage checks this time.

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