Re Tourist Cards


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Feb 8, 2006
As a matter of interest and with regard to my previous thread on Tourist Cards. As stated before I only received the Entry Part of the card from the UK DR Embassy and was worried about the blue forms and exit part.
I have now returned after a 21 night visit and there was no problem at the airport. I can confirm DR1 information I received was correct. As I went on a charter flight I was given a blue form to fill in on the plane. At Puerto Plata Airport there were plenty of forms available and I obtained a pad full for future use. My entry card was stamped and then taken off me along with the blue form. I asked about the exit part and was told it was not needed but I would need to fill in another blue form on departure. Before departing I filled in a blue form from my newly aquired pad this was duly taken off me at the airport and there was no mention of an exit card, in fact I expected to pay 300peso overstay charge but they said there was nothing to pay and enjoy my flight, no complaints from me, a lot smoother than expected.