Real question: Should I be that paranoid about smoking?

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May 20, 2009
So I have searched and read the various posts of DR1 members concerning ganja smoke in the DR. Since I have only been to Sosua once (albeit a 4 week stay) I trust the judgement of some of these "experts" we have, but I am still skeptical about some of the opinions on here, no offense. I understand pretty clearly that if I walk up and down the street in Sosua coming up to people asking for weed that it would certainly be a problem. I question, however, the majority opinion that smoking is suicide in the DR. In fact, an Austrian guy who lived in Sosua for over a year wanted to do it on the street with me but I convinced him to at least stay in a courtyard. I mean theoretically, if I knew someone who could pick it up and bring it to me and I only did it in a hotel room, what could possibly go wrong? I mean the National Police aren't exactly big brother. I seemed to be offered smoke by many Haitians at markets, I mean aren't most of these individuals illegally in the DR? I doubt turning me into the authorities would be on their "to do" list given their controversial presence in Sosua. Additionally, during my stay in Sosua (December 2006) I mostly saw the Tourist Police, who often tried to "sell" the company of chicas to me, they didn't seem bent on ruining the good time of a gringo vistor.

If I am wrong about all of this, experts, please let me know. But based upon my (limited) experiences, the death sentence issued by many on this board about ganja may be a little harsh (if the conditions are right).


Sep 17, 2004
The grim warnings against using illegal drugs as a tourist in the DR aren't based on the odds of getting cought CG. They are based on the consequences.

Go ahead............... you might get a way with it.

But if you don't...................
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Sep 10, 2008
hmm are your sure it was sosua that you were in ! we dont have any markets where Haitians hang about offering drugs


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Dec 9, 2002
sweetdbt's post sums it all up really.

Posting about illegal activities is against DR1 rules, so I'll have to close this.
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