Rebecca Latorraca: New USAID director in Santo Domingo


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Feb 20, 2019

The US Embassy announces that Rebecca Latorraca is at her job as director of the US Agency for International Development since 5 April 2021. Previously she was deputy mission director of USAID in Cairo, Egypt.

As director in the Dominican Republic, Rebecca Latorraca is responsible for the execution of the Country Development Cooperation Strategy with a budget of US$251 million for the next five years. The US Embassy says the objective is to promote a safer, more inclusive and prosperous Dominican Republic.

Director Latorraca has 29 years of experience in the foreign service. Before she arrived to her post in the Dominican Republic, she served as USAID Deputy Director in Cairo, Egypt from August 2016 to June 2020.

Before Cairo, Egypt, Latorraca was director of the Office of Planning and Learning, and coordinator of the Bureau of Economic Growth, Education, and...

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