Record exports for free zone manufacturers


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Feb 20, 2019

2021 was a very good year for free zone industries in the Dominican Republic. The Ministry of Industry & Commerce announced the free zone manufacturers exported US$7.14 billion in 2021, up 22.7% compared to 2020. Investments in the sector were more than US$13 billion in 100 new companies approved last year.

“Undoubtedly, the free zone sector is living its best moment with historic numbers in jobs and exports. This translates into more and better growth opportunities for Dominicans and the country,” said Industry & Commerce Minister Victor (Ito) Bisonó.

Among the productive subsectors that contributed most to the growth of these exports are tobacco manufacturing (cigars), up 38.6%; medical devices (6.6%); jewelry (74.9%) and apparel (40.8%), according to data from the National Council of Free Export Zones (CNZFE).

In 2021, the free zone sector reached...

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william webster

Jan 16, 2009
I expect the hospitality industry took the biggest hit.... as it did elsewhere in the world

People did NOT stop buying/shopping during this - in fact bought mopre than ever, I read.

In-store shopping may have changed permanently...... restaurants are still struggling

My hotel in the Zona is booked solid this weekend..... and was heavily booked all week