Redneck taxidermist ...


On Vacation....
Nov 16, 2003
A neatly dressed man walks into a bar in Arkansas and orders a beer. The bartender gives him his beer and said to him, "Son, ya don' look from 'round these parts, where ya from Son?"

The man replied, "No sir, I'm from New York"

The bartender asked, "So what ya do in New York, Son?"

The man answered, "Sir I'm a taxidermist". Dumbfounded, the bartender asked, "Son, what is that there taxidermist?"

"Well Sir, a taxidermist mounts dead animals", Said the man

Smiling from ear to ear, the bartender shouts to all the men in the bar who were staring at the man, "He's one of us! come on over and say hi".