Redneck's wife goin' to college


On Vacation....
Nov 16, 2003
Two rednecks, Bubba and Billy Bob, are driving along in their Chevy pickup when they pulled into a gas station to full up. Posted next to the pump was a sign that read "Free Sex If You Answer Skill Test Correctly". Well Bubba thought for a second and said to Billy Bob that the test should be easy for him 'cause he spent 3 years in grade 6 and finished his academic studies at age 14.

So he moseyed up to the attendant and said he wanted to take the test. The attendant said, "Pick a number between 1 and 10". Bubba thought for a minute and said "I picked 'em numbur". The attendant said, "Ok, what number did you pick?". Bubba replied, "I picked 'em 10". The attendant replied, "Wrong number". Feeling disappointed he paid for his gas and left.

Next day they pulled in for gas and again Bubba volunteered to take the test but failed. Every day for that week Bubba went diligently to take the test but failed each time. Well at the end of the week, Bubba met Billy Bob and said that his wife Mary Ann was off to college 'cause she took the test every day that week and passed each time and now she wants to be a scientist.