Reference Check: Cargo Co's - General Air Services, Dominican International Forwardr

Randall Bell

New member
Feb 17, 2012
I'm shipping some boxes overseas and I'm wondering if anyone has a 'reference' for a good cargo sales person in the DR?

More specific, does anyone have any good or bad experiences with these 2 vendors:

General Air Services

Dominican International Forwarders

Any and all feedback is welcome. Don't be shy! :)


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Jan 14, 2010
General Air services is also called Caribe Cargo. They are good. But they are also lot of other agents. It depends on the airline you use. It is better if you use the Sales Representative and Handler of the airlines that you prefer. We are using General Air Services for Airtransat and Air berlin. Las Americas Cargo for Sunwing. United Aviation Enterprises for United and UPS.

Personally I would recommend United Aviation Enterprises but one problem with them is their communication is typical DR. Hard to get the responses but they are very efficient. If it is one time shipment and you want someone good in responding to your mails there are couple of persons I know. I would suggest to go with the handler of Airlines that you choose.