Rejection of Retiree Residency Renewal Application


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Jun 17, 2017
All the legal Sharks are circling for money ! NOT RESULTS !
Already paid 2 law firms now another wants some DOLLAR'S !

I'm 80 years old this year and my time is just about over so ill just worry about VIRUS not Migration.
Thanks for every one trying to help. But when you have a mistake on an important document and have no erasere thats the end of the game !

I'm not going to worry time is toooo short for me !

Once again thanks to all that tried to help that is what that DR1 is for.
I couldn't agree more Xtew , I an the same position at 77 and like I said previously ''too old, stubborn and bull headed''...I too shall wait out the CV-19 before returning to Canada to get the fingerprinting done ; that's being positive on a very negative thingie.
RCMP says I can go to the DR...NP and have it done then send to I called the CCOC (Commissionaires; and they said 'no' you need to come to Canada to get it done. Hallelujah someone made a decision !
And such is the life of an optimist ... here we go again!
Good on you Matie! Russell


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Apr 29, 2014
It is theoretically possible to have your prints applied to the proper form (from the RCMP) in a basement office within the PN HQ in Santo Domingo. I was unable to locate that office nor could I find anyone who knew anything about its workings. I completely failed at convincing someone within those walls to check into it and call me back.

So I just flew back to Canada. 12 minutes to do the fingerprinting, 2 minutes to pay and I was done. Had my RCMP check back in 3 days. I opted to have it returned to the CCOC office rather than mailed somewhere by the RCMP. I didn't want to be waiting around for Canada Post as I already had a return flight booked.

Don't forget to get the RCMP letter apostilled. If you are in Ottawa, you can do that in person at Foreign Affairs. If you are somewhere else, you'll have to mail it in. It also needs to be translated into Spanish but that can be done here when you return or by your lawyer.