Relocating the family to Sto Dgo, dream or nightmare?

Criss Colon

Jan 2, 2002
With 4K US a month you will be fine.
Not super fine, but living a comfortable life.
You should have some savings put away, 5 to 10K is a good "Insurance Policy".
If your Dominican relatives are "Middle Class", ie, house, car, good stable job/income, they can "Co Sign" on your apt. lease.
If you do come, and rent, just remember to "Live Out" your security deposit,before you leave, because you will never get it back!
Your "Dream" Is Doable.
But to be sure it doesn't become a "Nightmare", you will need some "Seed Money" to get started, a stable job, or outside income, and an income here to add up to the 4K a month you will need to live.
I like living here, I like the "Extended Dominican Family" culture.
I like giving my kids the benefit of that "Extended Family".
I LOVE having my parent's In Law living here with us, and "Family" visiting EVERYDAY.
I loved working here for 10 years before I retired 8 years ago.
AND, after seeing yet ANOTHER "Blizzard" hitting Boston this week, I can happily say,...
"You Don't Have To Shovel RAIN"!!!!


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Dec 9, 2002
For me, living in Santo Domingo was a nightmare in many ways. Traffic, crime rate, noise, pollution got much worse over the nine years I lived there (1999-2008).
We lived in some of the nicest areas (Gazcue, Arroyo Hondo, Mirador Sur) but couldn't wait to get out. When the Punta Cana option presented itself we had the perfect solution. The downsides are that we left friends and family behind, there is less in the way of culture and entertainment in the PC/B?varo area, and the cost of living is higher. But there are many compensations - 24/7 electricity, security, silence most of the time, very good quality of life, and the highway means it is easier to visit the capital and people can visit us more frequently.


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Mar 25, 2014
Relocating the family to Sto Dgo, dream or nightmare? Both!!!

I assume as much. Those who have contributed meaningfully have expanded and invested their time to educate me. I'm sure you have much to say and share, please do.