Relocating-Want to take parakeets with me


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Aug 1, 2007
I am relocating to the DR next month. I made reservations for my two cats to be with me in the cabin. I was told that my parakeets would need to go thru cargo and to call a separate number.(Continental Airlines) I called the other number and was told that there is an "embargo" on birds. I called again, and was told that parakeets are domesticated house birds and may be allowed. Does anyone have any info for me? Many would say that they are only parakeets, however, there is some sentiment attached. They were my father's parakeets and I took them after he passed away. If anyone can give me advice I would SO appreciate it. I really want to take them with me! Thanks.


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Aug 8, 2006
re birds


I vaguely recall a company in the U.S that make arrangements for travellers and their pets. That's ALL they do so if you google "flying with pets" you might find them. Good luck!


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Aug 23, 2003
bird embargo

My info is now a year and a half old, but NO birds. Due to the fear of "bird flu" the DR was not allowing any birds into the country.

I contacted the Head Vet at the Zoo in SD and he could not help me. The consulates in the US gave me all the proper documentation, at a substantial cost, and the USDA gave it's approval as well as my personal vet who is a bird specialist, but the agricultural people still would not give me an OK.

I have heard of a way to get your pets in, but will not divulge the info publicly. It is iffy at best.

Good luck!