Remebered most fondly: ANTHONY BISPHAM - R I P


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Oct 16, 2004
I recently learned from a usually reputable but anonymous Puerto Plata, non-Dominican source that the local British author & wit, Anthony Bispham had passed away.
* Many of us who have been in this country for 5 - 10 - 15 years remember the late "Santo Domingo News", a most pleasant English language weekly. Mr. Bispham wrote a deliightful near weekly column / pretend letter to his Aunt Peregrine in the U. K. from her nephew in the DR.
* They were filled with authentic British humor & clever understatement; he had a clever, non-malicious way of viewing & poking fun at the Dominican people & Dominican culture.
* I enjoyed his art greatly. I regret that he is no longer with us. Perhaps, . . some clever Brit [or American?] can pick up his mission; but, . . probably never be his equal. He has earned his reward. May he rest in peace. With his former readers' best wishes.