Jun 18, 2007
This was posted in the news section of DR1. Off the approx. 1 million something Dominicans living abroad they wire over $3 billion per year to the DR. That's approx $3000,- average per Dominican expat.
That's quite a bit.

Remittances from abroad

The Dominican Republic is the sixth in Latin America when it comes to receiving remittances, according to the World Bank Migration and Remittances Factbook 2011.

The report estimates that 1,035,800 Dominicans have migrated, or about 10% of the population. The top destination countries for Dominican migration are the United States, Spain, Italy, Venezuela, Netherlands Antilles, Haiti, Panama, Germany, Canada and the Netherlands. The report points out that 21.6% of people with a university education have migrated, including 6,725 doctors, or 30% of those trained in the DR.

The report estimates remittances at US$3.47 billion in 2009 and US$3.37 billion in 2010.,,contentMDK:21924020~pagePK:5105988~piPK:...,,contentMDK:21352016~pagePK: