Renewing a 10 yr visa Procedure

POP Bad Boy

Jun 27, 2004
I am trying to help a friend renew his 10 year TOURIST (B1/B2) visa which expired in Jan 2016. He should have
absolutely no problem since he only goes to the US about 10 days a year and has never violated it etc.

This would be his 3rd 10 year renewal, and even though I should be able to do this without help, I am finding it
very confusing and there is no way he can figure it out.

Has anyone done this lately and have a step by step process of how it is done. We are trying to do online and
just keep going around in circles or get links that say "file not found" etc. I know that somehow you have to pay at Banco Popular, Apply for a photo and fingerprints etc (since the last ten year renewal was before 2009), but
don't think he needs an interview.

Any help or comments would be appreciated!



Jul 27, 2011
You have to:
1-Fill out a DS-160 application
2-Create a profile at and print the "receipt page".
3-Pay the visa fee: USD$160 in pesos, in cash, at Banco Popular. Now this can also be done online with a credit card or if via bank net banking, if you are a Banco Popular Customer.
For Cash payments, you need to wait till the next day for it to get activated.
5-Schedule your appointment
There is no need for a consular appointment. Your friend will only need one appointment at the VAC (at Galeria 360). This is only for fingerprints and pics. You need to leave your prevuous passports there.

No need to deposit any documents either.
It is also very fast. You'll be out of the VAC in about 20 mins.

You'll get your passport back at the Mailboxes, etc. place you've previously picked when you were creating your profile.
It takes about a week to get your passport back.