Renovations at the Port of Barahona


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Feb 20, 2019

President Luis Abinader said his administration works fast when it comes to creating jobs to benefit the Dominican Republic. He said the government is cutting red tape so that companies can get to work. The President was in Barahona for the start of the construction of renovations at the Barahona Port. Belfond Enterprise is carrying out the renovations at the Port of Barahona. It was mentioned the port would be for both cargo and cruise ships.

Belfond Enterprise is a company that has a concession to mine calcium carbonate that would be exported from the port.

The media reports the renovations of pier 4 at the port calls for an investment of US$30 million. The renovations seek to convert the Barahona Port into a multi-use port for loading and unloading of bulk products to primarily serve the export of calcium carbonate to Alabama, USA. Freight container cargo...

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