Renting a house


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Jun 5, 2010
Can someone tell me how to get things repaired in my house that i am renting in Higuey, i pay my rent ontime every month....Since December the lights in both bathrooms do not work, plus several of the electrical outlets...don't work...everytime my wife goes and pays the rent she asks the same question when are you going to repair the lights....someone tell me how to fix this problem...we have asked if we can get it repaired and deduct it from our rent...can not get a straight answer....


Feb 22, 2010
After learning very hard lessons on how to deal with landlords here lately I might suggest withholding the rent until they fix the problems. I ended up doing the same as you and paying ontime and only mentioning the problems. In the end I fixed everything myself and got no recompense for my costs. I have learned that when money is involved here, everyone has to play hardball or you just end up getting stuffed and taken advantage of. I also very recently learned that the law is on the side on the tennant, so I?d play it tough and withhold until fixed.

Good luck, I hope you have a better experience than I had.


Nov 22, 2007
I've had that problem and asked and asked and asked but to no avail. Ended up getting it repaired myself and when he came around from the rent handed him the difference with the receipt fir the repair. He b*tched and moaned about how he could have done it cheaper and about how they jipped me because I am American and a woman. I told him, "I kept telling you to come fix it!" He fixed everything after that.