Renting a place to live for winter


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May 1, 2012
Hi there!

I came to this site, 'cause I'm looking for a long-term renting of an apartment/condo for next winter for my family. My 18 months old son has some respiratory problems, and I'm getting convinced that spending a whole winter in Montreal is not good for him. So basically my intention is to send my wife & son to a sun destination in late December, for three months approximately. My budget for accomodations would be under $1K per week, which from my understanding is enough for modest place to live. What I'd like to do first is to talk to someone who did that before, and could share the experience. It would be great if this person speaks Russian - 'cause one of the goals is to find a place where all Russians/Russian speakers tend to live, I've seen signs in Russian there, so there must be quite a few people...
I would like to get some general info: what's the best area, what is required, which mistakes I should avoid etc.

I'd appreciate any feedback!


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Jan 17, 2009
Welcome to DR1! The Russian community in the North Coast seems to have grown quite. Bit in the past few years. $1k a week should get you something quite a bit above modest accommodations. I know that you mention coming here during the winter, but do take into account that it could get very humid and not be exactly great for a person with respiratory problems. While I can't recommend an exact area, but I would urge to make sure that there is air conditioning in the house and that you are located close to any medical services your son may need. By this I mean before renting, call the clinic or hospital nearby and see what services they provide in case of emergency.