renting in puerto plata


Sep 6, 2011
Boy, I don't know what country some of the people here are living in?

There are thousands of people (Russians, North Americans, Europeans) living here in the DR that do not have "Residency" and don't want one. I got friends here who have been living here for decades without residency. I got customers who stay three, four, and five months at a time before going back home to Russia, Canada or the U.S for a visit.

Just here in Cabarete, all of the condo units--Ocean Dream, Ocean One, Harmony, Victorian, Cabarete East, Perla name it...are full of expats that have "no residency" and "don't" want one. All of the condo units in Sosua, Bavaro, and Punta Cana are full of non-residents over-staying there Visas. There are thousands of Russians, Europeans, and North Americans over-staying their Visas every single day...and it ain't going to be changing anytime soon.

The moment the government starts deporting people for over-staying is the moment you should start worrying, and you should not be holding your breath for that to happen anytime in the near future.

PS. I'm sorry, there is nothing ethical or wrong with over staying your Visa...especially when the government is making "Millions" of dollars in fees!



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Mar 9, 2009
seems like the expat community in DR is up to their old tricks ;););) lol .. thank u guys for the feed back ,, yea I dont ever remember dr being really strict on the over stays .... i am looking for the building on an intersection street there is a colomado right underneath it ( i believe i just described 70% of streets in dr lol) . It is very close to la sirena.