*** Residents Only Forum ***

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Jan 2, 1999
This will be a "Beta" forum and it will live or die based on participation. It was requested by the community, so our hope is that it will be supported by the community.

### RULES ###

1. Proof of status will be required. Either an active Cedula (image) sent to DR1 or sending either the moderator or myself a reason why you want the ability to post in the forum. The hope is having a pre-qualification requirement will lead to quality discussions from knowledgable posters that will benefit everyone.

2. Anyone will be able to read, only those qualified will be able to post.

3. New threads and posts will be required to be 100% Dominican Republic related and ideally address the needs of residents. Any chit chat, personal attacks or non-relevant posts/threads will be removed. Persistant violators will have their "post" access removed permanently.

4. Members will be required to retain a minimum post count (to be decided by the members), you cannot be a member and lurk.

### NEXT STEP ###

If you would like "post" access so you can participate in the discussions when the forum opens, please send me a PM or email ( robert@dr1.com ) with your details, reasons why etc.

Not open for further replies.