Resolution 0018/ 30 June 2020 gives first indications on who can open, who can’t


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Feb 20, 2019

Public Health Minister Rafael Sanchez Cardenas read Resolution 0018 dated 30 June 2020. The Resolution declares the Dominican Republic is under an epidemic and establishes measures to control the virus and mitigate its spread, as per Public Health Law 42-01.

The rulings establish:

Entertainment and recreational businesses, such as casinos, discos, cinemas, theaters need to remain closed. Events that gather large numbers of people indoors and outdoors are also banned.

Church services are allowed with the use of mask and physical distancing.

Schools at all levels that require agglomeration of people will continue online only.

Sports training, gyms, and sports practice can reopen under the protocols approved by the Ministry of Sports. The Ministry of Sports has announced sailing, golf and tennis are allowed to open as of 1 July. Other...
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Jul 10, 2004
And here we are quickly reaching the point where restaurants and clubs are open. If you call 3 to 4 months quick.