Restaurants and bars ordered to close at 8pm to the public


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Feb 20, 2019
The Ministry of Public Health issued Resolution 0021 on 15 July 2020 ordering businesses to ensure that their patrons are 1.5 meters apart and are wearing facial masks, as ordered in Resolution 16-20. Businesses are mandated to ensure that physical distance is maintained as people enter and once within the establishment.

Businesses that sell alcoholic beverages and food, such as colmados, cafeterias, liquor stores, and food and beverage stores and restaurants are only authorized to operate from 6am to 8pm. Restaurants are allowed to keep delivery services until 9pm.

Those in violation are subject to fines of one to 10 times minimum wage, according to Art. 153 of the General Health Law 42-01. Businesses that violate the rules are subject to shut down by the authorities.

Metro and OMSA buses need to ensure people keep a 1.5 meter distance, which means they need to board fewer people per car.

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