Review of Aunt Clara's Dominican Cookbook (late, I know)


Apr 7, 2004
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- First impressions
The book isn't as heavy as I thought it was gonna be. The cover is very inviting and while I'm Dominican nac?a y cri?, some of the dishes in the cover were unknown to me until I started reading the book (I'm allergic to fish and seafood so that's really unknown to me although I have seen the dishes and have little knowledge).

- Now, the content
At first, I wanted to read "a ojo de p?jaro" to get an idea of which recipes were to be included. I failed. I caught myself carefully reading my favorite recipes and sort of having a walk down memory lane. You see, in Stockholm I can try to replicate a Dominican dish but it's not the same (or maybe I'm a lousy cook hehe). I even stopped to remember and comment on some of the recipes "I have never heard that this and that has, for ex., oregano" but if there's something that we all can agree on is that while the foundation of a dish is the same, what you use as condiment varies according to the palate of the cook or the comensales.

I have now read the book about 5 times and I don't seem to get enough. I didn't have doubts about buying the book before, but now I AM definitely buying one for me and one for my mother-in-law for Mother's day.

Oh, and the stories behind some recipes....oh dear wasn't I laughing my rear off! Hilarious! I even found myself nodding in agreement.

This is no ordinary book, this is a personalized cooking tool in your home. I may not be the best cook ever and I might have to replace some ingredients with what I can find in my local stores (no Dominican products being sold here) but with this book I'm sure I'll be able to knock some socks off - or at least expose the Swedish tastebuds of some of the people I know to the very heart of the typical Dominican cuisine.

Thanks a lot to both of you for this effort. I can't wait to get down there and get my copies!
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