Rio Ozama issues with Cholera??


Sep 5, 2007
read in yesteray's " el Diario:" here that cholera is reported in Santo Domingo este...please dear God tell me ths has not now reached my beloved DR ...


Jul 25, 2007
Cholera is easily treated if recognized early. I seriously doubt that it will take hold here in the DR as it has in Haiti. Haiti is different because of the current conditions in PAP and lack of proper sewer and water infrastructure not to mention knowledge of symptoms and treatment among many people.


The Fisherman/Weather Mod
Feb 28, 2006
Punta Cana/DR
and there are sure more Rivers than just the Ozama containing the Bacteria.
important is that Gubmint Informs the Poppulation/Educated the Folks about the Dangers which are hiding out there, because that the Bacteria is Here is no Doubt, Prevention of an Outbreak is the Mainpoint.
Once Colera hit's a Country, it stays for Years/decades, that's fact and there's no cleaning System/chemicals to clean up a River or such.
the Fishery in all Rivers on the western protion of the Country should be stopped, the Gubmint needs to think quickly about a Masterplan to Employ the Fishing Families there, there are many and they will starve.
and the Rivers need to be Patroullied 24/7 so People do not only leave the fishies there, but also do Not take a Bath or even use that water for something else.
the Danger is hidden in the Rivers, the DR can not prevent that the Bacteria reaches there, so People have to be kept away from there.
Colera is easy to treat when appropriate Assistance is available on Time, as it Is in the DR.
the Country is aware of the sleeping Devil swimming around.
We need to get used to the Fact that we need to Live with IT for a long Time.

Happy Healthy Holidays

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