Rocky's...better late than never


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Apr 3, 2009
Santiago DR
I am currently at Rocky's and enjoying the moment. Couldn't come for the holiday for medical reasons but I had to try the ribs I had heard so much about.
I have been bar-b-queing for 45 years and thought nobody could beat my BBQ... WRONG...One word, OUTSTANDING. Do yourself a favor and don't wait for the Thanksgiving fiesta. The food is worth the drive anytime of the year. And Marco,I wish to thank you for the time you spent fixing my laptop. You really know your stuff and it never worked so good. And he refused payment for the several hours he spent on it. With me, they have a customer and friend forever. I highly recommend this establishment. ;););)
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El Tigre

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Jan 23, 2003
I haven't had the ribs in a couple of years. Next time I am in Santiago I am making the drive to Rocky's!


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Aug 2, 2008
I stopped there a couple months back and found several friendly ex-pats around. Nice place to sip a couple beers, get some solid internet access and meet other ex-pats. I'll be up there in a couple weeks and am going to try the ribs this time.