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Jan 20, 2003
The following are basic rules of the poll forum. Not adhering to these rules could result in posts being deleted. These rules are subject to change.


1. All DR1 members are welcome to comment in any thread, however personal attacks towards anyone will not be tolerated. Any post of any member that is nothing more than an attack on anyone else will be deleted.

2. All other rules of conduct on DR1 apply as well.

3. The only threads allowed in this forum are polls and the only one who can create polls is me. This is the way it has been since the poll forum was created and Robert was the one who decided this. So, don't fill my private message box with anything concerning this rule. However, don't create any threads in this forum because:

A) You will not be able to create an actual poll.

B) Your non-poll thread will be deleted.

Any suggestions must be made via PM to either AnnaC or myself or to an administrator.

Creating Polls:

If you have an idea for a poll or would like a particular topic to be expressed in a poll, you can do so by sending me a private message (aka, PM) explaining the topic you want for a new poll, why you want to see such, if you want to publicly be given credit for the poll, if you want the poll to be for a limited time or otherwise, the particular question, and two or more answers.

If you simply submit a topic, you will be contacted via private message to further elaborate on such and the poll will not be published until the question and options has been approved by the originator of the topic.

That's it! ;)

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